Data Analytics for Everyone meets tea for everyone. This past weekend we had a pop up tea station serving tea to all attendees, volunteers, and staff at one of Sudo Labs monthly workshops. It was a full house on Saturday while we learned about data analytics, with hands on assistance from mentors circling the room at all times. A selection of three teas were served for the workshop: black (Assam, India), green (Sencha, Japan), and oolong (long oxidized, Taiwan, Province of China). Attendees had the opportunity to grab tea before the workshop and during the refreshment break. We offered up both dairy and dairy free milk to tailor to all attendee preferences.

Why reach for Tea?

Tea is an ideal beverage to serve at workshops and events for a variety of reasons. Tea is a zero calorie beverage that delivers an incredible amount of flavour and health benefits. With low to moderate amounts of caffeine (depending on what type of tea), tea keeps you refreshed and hydrated. As tea is made with water, the more cups you reach for, the more hydrated you will be. Hydration is important, especially during the hot summer months and will help keep everyone focused during a workshop/event. Another perk with drinking tea is its high levels of amino acids. The most important amino acid found almost exclusively in tea within the plant kingdom is L-Theanine. L-Theanine can help to relieve stress and promote relaxation. As tea leaves can be composted, the cups and filters recycled, this ensures your beverage is both health conscious and environmentally friendly.

About Sudo Labs

Sudo is a non-profit organization based in Kingston which has a brought together a community of women to learn how to code together. While the focus is on women empowerment and women in tech, everyone is welcome. Sudo’s mission and aim is to support women in creating new technical skills and updating their computer programming skills. Having attended one of Sudo’s earlier workshops on HTML and CSS, it taught me the necessary skills when it came to designing my own website. I received all the answers for my questions, and was shown how to use HTML and CSS when it came to customizing webpages. The best part? A downloadable cheat sheet was sent to all attendees for at-a-glance assistance when you need it most!

Check out Sudo Labs website and Facebook page for more information, upcoming workshops and events.

Sudo Labs x Plan de Vida

Sudo Labs x Plan de Vida 2


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  1. Coding those 1’s and 0’s is a lot easier with a cup of tea in my hands. Thanks for sharing!

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