Sometimes a good tea latte is all we need to relax or power through our afternoon work session. When the weather outside is frightful, the last thing we want to do is to trudge outdoors to get our tea fix. Tea lattes are so easy to make in your own kitchen and are so versatile. Whether you make yours vegan or with dairy, all it takes is a few minutes to whip up. 

I’ll be sharing how to create a rose dusted earl grey tea latte made with coconut milk at home. The calming aroma of rose fills your kitchen as you sip away on this creamy earl grey tea latte. You can follow these same instructions to create a tea latte with another tea (I recommend using a black tea, like Morning Routine) with the milk and sweetener of your choice. I used our cream earl grey loose leaf tea with our rose buds and petals

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steps 1-4

Step 1: Grab your favourite mug and boil your kettle. Steep your tea however you’d like (tea press or in a compostable tea filter) at the optimal length and water temperature. Unsure of how long or how hot your water should be? Refer to our chart here.

Step 2: While your tea is steeping, begin to warm your milk on your stove or in the microwave (watch to ensure it doesn’t boil over!). Your milk is ready to be frothed once it reaches around 145-155 degrees Fahrenheit. Begin frothing your milk with your frother or tea press. You can texturize your milk in a tea press by aerating the milk through the repeated motion of lifting the tea press up and down.

No tea press or milk frother? Use a whisk or a fork to froth your warmed milk. 

Note that different milk types will froth differently! 

Step 3: Sweeten your brew with honey, maple syrup, sugar, simple syrup or a flavoured syrup. I used a teaspoon of vanilla syrup to compliment the creamy notes of my earl grey. Not a fan of adding sugar? Skip this step!

Step 4: Pour the milk into your cup. For more foam, froth milk close to the surface and use a spoon to scoop the milk foam for your tea latte.


Step 5: Garnish with rose petals or the floral of your choice, and enjoy!

You can make an indulgent tea latte at home in just a few minutes! We hope you have fun creating your tea latte and that this inspires you to take a tea break whenever you need it throughout your day!

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DIY Tea Latte

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