Iced tea season is just around the corner!

As we finally transition from winter into spring, so does our way of enjoying tea. Hot cups of cozy tea blends make way for crisp refreshing cold brew iced teas and tisanes. Typically iced tea is made with water, but this season we’re loving adding anything but water to our iced teas and tisanes. I’d recommend adding flavoured or plain sparkling water, coconut water, coconut milk or freshly squeezed juices to your iced tea or tisane. 

Another method to explore when creating iced tea and tisane is cold brewing your tea leaves or herbal infusion. Cold steeping your tea or tisane allows for a longer flavour extraction, leaving you with a lot of flavour and avoiding any chances of over-steeping. Often tea or tisanes are over-steeped at the wrong temperature, leaving you with a bitter or astringent infusion. Cold steeping your leaves in room temperature or cold water allows you to make your iced tea or tisane ahead of time, making the process even simpler. I’d recommend cold steeping your tea or tisane for 6-8 hours or overnight. It’s best practice to double the quantity of tea or tisane, so using around 2 heaping teaspoons/cup when cold brewing your infusion. 

I’m including my recipe to creating a sparkling iced hibiscus mocktail, garnished with cotton candy for a pop of colour and an added touch of sweetness. Feel free to swap out the cotton candy for lemon or lime slices, or toss in a few berries. 

What you’ll need:

  1. Hibiscus Tisane
  2. Teapot/Jug for cold brewing your hibiscus petals
  3. Plain/Flavoured Sparkling water
  4. Cotton Candy garnish
  5. Glassware of your choice

I started with our Hibiscus tisane, which is packed full of vitamin A, C and beta-carotene. Hibiscus petals have a flavour profile similar to grenadine and packs a slightly tart finish. The petals unveil a deep fuchsia hue, making it the perfect base for a tisane mocktail. The rich flavour profile of hibiscus means it can hold up well to the addition of flavoured or plain sparkling water, non dairy milks or fruit juices. The addition of another liquid will not overpower the flavours of the hibiscus petals. 


Step 1: Cold brew your hibiscus petals for 6-8 hours or overnight. Remove the petals and chill in the fridge until you are ready to mix your mocktail

Step 2: Mix equal parts of your hibiscus infusion with plain or flavoured sparkling water of your choice. Feel free to mix directly into glassware or into a larger jug. It’s best to store sparkling water in its original container to maintain fizziness and bubbles.

Step 3: Garnish your glass of sparkling hibiscus with cotton candy and sip away! 


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  1. Nice touch with the cotton candy topping! I’ve tried this one and love it – it’s very refreshing. I can’t wait to see more drink ideas from you in the future! Thanks for sharing.

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