5 Ways to use your Tea Towel

This 100% cotton flour sack tea towel is so easy to incorporate into your hosting for Easter, Mother’s Day or tea service. 

1. Keep your baked goods warm

Cover your baked goods with your tea towel to keep warm on your table. This tea towel is great for gently wrapping up your warmed baked goods to take to a friend or family brunch. 

2. Use as large napkins for your Mother’s Day Brunch

Set up a Mother’s Day tablescape with our spring tea towels. Lay the napkin at each place setting or set on top of plates for a picture perfect brunch.

3. Hand towel

Guests coming over for an Easter meal? String up your tea towel in the bathroom or kitchen for your guests to use.

4. Polish your tea accessories or glassware

Our tea towel is lint free, making it easy to polish just about everything.

5. Tea Service 

Set up a tea tray for the mom in your life and include a tea towel. Turn any moment into an experience by adding just the right touches. 

It’s easy to add a few touches to turn every moment into an experience. Just add tea and you’re good to go!

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