3 Ridiculously Easy Calorie Free Hacks For Your Iced Tea

Do you ever find yourself craving some extra flavour from your iced tea? Store bought iced tea is often full of sugar, artificial flavours and sweeteners. You’re busy and you want something refreshing yet healthy now. The solution? Make your own in under a minute. 

Yea I said it, under a minute. My secret to adding flavour without adding artificial? Use real food – full of real flavour. You can even make your iced tea overnight or early in the morning by cold brewing your tea leaves. Double or triple (depending on your preference) the amount of tea leaves and cover with room temperature water overnight. Use one of my hacks below and you’re sipping on a delicious and healthy iced tea under the sun in 60 seconds or less. 

My top three hacks for adding flavour without adding calories:

iced tea

#1 Use Fruit

Use any fruit in your fridge, wash and slice into your iced tea. Use as much or as little as you like. Another great way to add flavour is to use the fruit juice byproduct that comes from slicing up a large watermelon or pineapple. As you cut, dump the extra fruit juices into a bowl or pitcher and add to your iced tea. 

#2 Use Herbs

Like with fruit, use up leftover herbs from your fridge or garden. Leftover mint? Make an iced tea mojito. Extra lavender? Infuse your tea leaves with lavender then strain. Another great hack is to freeze your leftover herbs into ice cubes. 

#3 Use Water 

Enhance your iced tea with sparkling water or fruit infused water. Squeeze some fresh lemon or lime juice in your still or sparkling water, and fill a glass with half iced tea half fruit infused water. 

The Bottom Line

Adding flavour without adding an abundance of sugar or calories couldn’t be more simple. My hacks are simple enough. Plus you’ll use what you already have kicking around in your kitchen. Loose leaf tea is already full of flavour, just enhance it with what you have on hand. You’ll end up with less waste, less packaging and a more flavourful healthy iced tea!  

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