5 ways to make café quality tea at home

With a tea latte setting you back over 5 dollars a cup now, the obvious way to save some money is to make your tea latte at home. You may be thinking “its not the same” but by levelling up your tea cupboard, you can easily make café quality tea based beverages at home.

Invest in good quality loose leaf tea and matcha.
There’s no comparing the difference in quality between a tea bag and loose leaf tea. You’ll get a deeper flavour profile, heightened aromas and often a second or third steeping from loose leaf tea.
Matcha has varying grades on the market. Given the complexity behind the production of the matcha, always opt for a higher grade of ceremonial matcha.
Keep your tea cupboard stacked.
Find out and buy whatever goes into your favourite tea drink. Does your go to café use a vanilla syrup or oat milk in your tea? Buy them and keep them at home. Having all the ingredients at home makes it a lot easier to skip the trip to the café.
I love walking every aisle of Bulk Barn to find different marshmallows or cocoa stirrers to add to my tea or matcha hot chocolate. Start there to find a few special items to tuck away in your tea stash.
I found these vegan marshmallows from Bulk Barn. They're dyed with beet juice to make them pink.
Use your best mug.

Yea, I know you’re saving it for “special occasions” but its time to dust it off and use it. Cafés don’t serve you your tea in a chipped mug, so pull out your best to treat yourself at home.
Plus, have you ever noticed you cant taste a thing when your sick? We use our nose to taste, its part of our sensory experience. Avoid using a lid and indulge in the aromas of your tea as you sip away.
Prepare your tea the right way.
Not all tea can be prepared the same way. You need to adjust your water temperature and steeping time to get the best tasting cup. Refresh your memory here.
Create an ambient atmosphere.

You may go to cafés for the atmosphere just as much for their stellar London Fog. Ask Alexa to play some smooth jazz, light some unscented candles and surround yourself with pillows. Carve out a dedicated space in your home to sip on your tea.
Pretty simple right? 
Pick up your favourite tea and unleash your inner barista. 
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Keep it cozy.

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