Sipping Tea and Sightseeing through China

In the summer of 2018, I went to China with my family but I never got around to sharing the amazing photos and tea culture I experienced while there! 

We visited Beijing, Shanghai and Dalian over 3 weeks and if you’re a huge tea drinker, all I can say is – you have got to go! 


Close to Tiananmen Square was a central area full of shops and cafes. We stopped into a cafe that had such an amazing atmosphere, mostly because of their decor!

I ordered a jujube tea, also known as Chinese Red Date tea.

Summer Palace

I snapped a few photos of a Tea House while wandering around the grounds of Summer Palace. Home to gardens, lakes and palaces, Summer Palace dates back to the pre-Qing dynasty.

I'd recommend spending a full day at Summer Palace. There was so much to explore - it was a quick subway ride from central Beijing.

We travelled from Beijing to Shanghai via high speed rail. The train had a self serve hot water dispenser so everyone could top up their tea while they travelled. I saw many travellers sipping on tumblers full of tea. How amazing is that?



Huxinting Teahouse

I visited Huxinting Chashi in Shanghai. I was able to watch fresh tea leaves being sorted, and you can enjoy a full teahouse experience with food. There was a lot of tea to taste and you could buy some to take with you.


Tea Shop Visit

Towards the end of our trip we visited a small tea shop in Dalian. We spent well over an hour with the owner chatting and sampling tea. We did just around 10 steepings of Sheng Pu’erh, remarking on the differences between each steep.

The owner used a Gaiwan and Yixing teapot as we were guided through this multi-steeping tea tasting. The level of hospitality is something I haven’t experienced before.



Hope you enjoyed a bit of world travel while we stay safely inside!


Have you visited China? Is it on your bucket list to visit?

Keemun served on tap at a restaurant in Dalian!

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