Iced green tea at home

Make 3 different iced green tea drinks at home!

These DIY recipes easily double to make pitchers for the whole family. 

All 3 drinks were made with Plan de Vida’s cold brew Sencha (green tea). 

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cold brew green tea

You'll need:

green tea at home recipe
cold brew green tea


p.s. don’t forget to cold brew your green tea ahead of time!

fill a teapot with your Sencha (green tea) or pack a filter with Sencha and place in a pitcher

cover leaves with cold water and cold brew in your fridge for a few hours (best if its overnight!)

Green tea spritz

  • fill a tall glass with ice
  • top with equal parts cold brew green tea and sparkling water
  • squeeze some fresh lemon juice in + drop the wedge in your glass
  • 0 cals / 0g sugar


Green tea lemonade

  • fill a glass with ice
  • fill halfway with green tea
  • fill other half with lemonade (store bought or homemade!)
  • approx 60 cals / 7g sugar


Iced Moroccan mint tea

  • muddle fresh mint in the bottom of your glass
  • add ice
  • fill to top with green tea
  • optional: sugar/sweetener to taste
  • 0 cals / 0g sugar

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