Make Cold Brew Tea in 4 Easy Steps

Cold brew tea is tea leaves steeped in cold water for hours or overnight.

The slower process results in a clear liquid and more pronounced flavour.

The best part? It couldn’t be more easy to make at home. 

tea filter

What you need 

(spoiler alert – nothing fancy!)

  • Tea filters or strainer
  • container (use a jar or teapot, anything works!)
  • water
  • tea


Tip: Use the 2:1 rule for brewing cold brew tea. Double the amount of tea you’d normally use for a cup or teapot.

Why? Cold brew tea is often diluted with ice or lemonade, so use more for a stronger tea flavour


  1. Pack tea filters or teapot with tea leaves
  2. Cover with room temperature or chilled water
  3. Brew for 4-5 hours or overnight in your fridge
  4. Remove tea + serve!
summer sips
cb tea
Made with Sencha (green tea)

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