How to Make Vegan Cold Foam Cream in 5 Easy Steps

cold foam cream

Do you ever stare up at the clouds?

Those fluffy, creamy clouds sure look tempting to taste at times..

(Or is that just me…lol)

Cloud-like cold foam creams are being poured over coffees at every trendy café these days.

It creates a nice fluffy top that’s a little sweet but deliciously creamy.

But why should only coffee get the royal treatment?

I set out to make my own version for us fellow tea lovers.

What you need:

cold foam cream ingredients

Before you start:

  • Cold brew your tea overnight (I used cream earl grey)
  • Chill your can of coconut milk in the fridge for a few hours
  • Skip coconut milk from a carton (it wont work!) or any canned version thats low fat


  1.  Add your chilled coconut milk to your blender (use half a can for 2 generous servings!)
  2.  Add sugar* + salt
  3.  Blend well until stiff peaks form
  4.  Add your tea to your glasses 3/4 full
  5.  Fill the rest with your vegan cold foam cream


*you can skip the sugar if you want. You’ll get some natural sweetness from the coconut milk!

vegan cold foam cream topped tea

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