How to make an Earl Grey Slush at home

Earl Grey Slush
Earl Grey Slush

Have you ever been at home and craved something refreshing to cool off with?

You open your fridge but all you have is some water and a half drank jug of lemonade. Boring.

Trust me, you definitely have everything you need at home to make this tasty summer tea slush!

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earl grey slush ingredients


What you need:

  1. Cream Earl Grey
  2. Lemonade (homemade or store bought – depends if you have it on hand or only have a handful of lemons!)
  3. Crushed ice*
  4. Blender


*crushed ice is super important to get those ‘slushee’ results. I crushed mine by hand. Worth it!


How to:

  1. Cold brew your Cream Earl Grey overnight (or for at least a few hours!)
  2. Fill your blender cup with your crushed ice
  3. Top cup up with half cream earl grey and half lemonade
  4. Blend until you get your desired ‘slush’ effect!



  • add more crushed ice to up the slush factor
  • place ice into a sealed bag and gently crush with a pan or mug
  • don’t have lemonade? Squeeze lemons and add sugar + water

Don’t forget to send me a quick DM if you made this at home!

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