My name is Erica, founder and certified Tea Sommelier of Plan de Vida. Just a few years ago I dreamed of building experiences with beverages between the walls of a cubicle. I always knew something was missing and I was not pursuing my true interests. 

I came across a Nicoyan (Costa Rica) term Plan de Vida. Which translates to ‘reason why I wake up in the morning’. Your Plan de Vida is your drive to get out of bed each day and live your purpose. Not only does a hot cup of tea get me out of bed in the morning, tea is my passion. I made the decision to follow my dream and left my job in the financial industry. I began to study tea with the Tea and Herbal Association of Canada. While pursuing my Tea Sommelier certification, I launched Plan de Vida. 

Tea tells a story. The story of the country it was grown in, the expertise of the tea maker skillfully fixing the leaves and of the aromas and flavours it picks up along the way. We always share the country of origin on all of our labels, because we know it’s an important part of the tea’s narrative.

Preparing our tea is an experience. It’s a moment of time to relax and follow the ritual of preparing tea, either alone or shared with those closest to you. No matter what your personal plan de vida is, our tea will help tell your own story. 

All of our single estate origin teas and tea blends are loose leaf and come in reusable and recyclable packaging. Our tea is orthodox, meaning they are full of flavours and aromas and reflect the time honoured traditions of growing, plucking, and processing tea. 

Be a part of our plan de vida by sharing your tea photos and experiences with #teabyplandevida on Instagram and Facebook. 

Here’s to waking up with tea and a purpose,


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