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Our purpose and drive to wake up in the morning is tea. Tea is our plan de vida.

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 I’m Erica and I am currently pursuing my Certified Tea Sommelier certificate with the Herbal and Tea Association of Canada. I have several years’ experience within the food and beverage industry working in a variety of roles such as a beverage cart attendant, hostess, food runner, server and barista. Currently the tea I cannot get enough of is a First Flush Darjeeling!

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We are a Canadian tea company who will elevate your perception about tea. We believe that just like you, tea is a diverse beverage that cannot be placed into one category. Our aim is to challenge the status quo and showcase the craft behind this diverse beverage. Let us show you how tea can transform your next event – whether by creating a signature blend or setting up a tea station – we have you covered.

We believe that brewing tea should never be reduced to a transaction. Brewing tea is an experience and is a true expression of hospitality. We pride ourselves in preparing tea in a way that allows its best aromas and flavours to come out. Whether brewed hot or cold – tea is a beverage we believe everyone can enjoy no matter the time of day.

Whether you have curious-i-‘tea’ or are just as passionate about tea as we are, welcome!