3 Ridiculously Easy Calorie Free Hacks For Your Iced Tea

3 Ridiculously Easy Calorie Free Hacks For Your Iced Tea Do you ever find yourself craving some extra flavour from your iced tea? Store bought iced tea is often full of sugar, artificial flavours and sweeteners. You’re busy and you want something refreshing yet healthy now. The solution? Make your own in under a minute.  […]

Make Ahead Large Batch Iced Tea Drinks

Summer means pool parties, beach days, cottage stays and lazy days spend out in your backyard. It’s also the time to have friends and family over, and not to mention the kids are out of school. Basically you’re in need of some refreshing, easy, no sugar summer drinks fit for a crowd.  These two iced […]

Make Three Different 0 Calorie Iced Tea Drinks at Home

summer is here Finally summer is here! It’s time to spend all of our time outside in the sun with our family and friends. Whether you retreat to your cottage every weekend or chill out on your own deck, I’ve got some flavourful and refreshing recipes coming your way. Each of these drinks contain no […]

Shopping Local for Mother’s Day

If the tried and true gift you always give the mom in your life is getting stale, it may be time to shake things up. I suggest shopping local and supporting small businesses this year. Grab your friends and family and hit one of the local vendor shows in the area. Craft shows, makers markets […]

Pairing all of your favourite Easter treats with tea

Easter weekend is upon us, and no matter if you celebrate it or not, you’ll likely be treating yourself with lots of chocolate. As winter fades into spring, theres lots of reasons to get together with friends and families over tea and chocolate. When pairing tea with food, you should keep in mind the principles […]

How Much Caffeine is in Tea?

Learn about how much caffeine is in tea, and how to enjoy a caffeine free tisane without compromising flavour.

Becoming a Certified Tea Sommelier

What is a Tea Sommelier? I am a certified Tea Sommelier with the Tea and Herbal Association of Canada. A Tea Sommelier is an expert on tea, someone who has trained their palette to pick up on the subtle aromas and flavours between many different types of tea. A Tea Sommelier knows the process of […]

DIY Rose Dusted Tea Latte

Sometimes a good tea latte is all we need to relax or power through our afternoon work session. When the weather outside is frightful, the last thing we want to do is to trudge outdoors to get our tea fix. Tea lattes are so easy to make in your own kitchen and are so versatile. […]

Top 5 Places to Sit & Sip from in Kingston, Ontario

We’re highlighting the top five places to sit and sip on tea in Kingston, ON! All areas are accessible on foot from the downtown core in Kingston. Feel free to check out one of these stops before or after doing one of our tours. Some of the following places are featured on our Sip Tea and […]