All consulting services, workshops and tea tastings are led by a certified Tea Sommelier with the Tea and Herbal Association of Canada. 


Consulting services include tea menu design, sourcing, tea and food pairing, implementing tea within your business for your staff/clients/guests, serving tea at your business and training your staff in the basics of tea. 

Consulting a Tea Sommelier for your business can help you determine if tea fits with your business, where to source high quality tea to serve, and how to train your staff to successfully serve tea. Preparing tea properly is necessary to deliver the best tasting tea to your staff, customers, clients or guests. 


Host a tea themed workshop at your next event, conference or workplace. We can connect to partner on a proposed topic or teach all attendees on topics like Tea 101, Sensory Evaluations of Tea, How to serve the best cup of tea, Terroir, Climate Impacts on Tea, Growing Conditions for Tea, Health benefits of tea, etc

All workshops include materials, loose leaf tea, and compostable serve ware for all attendees.

Tea Tastings

Bring everyone together and host a tea tasting at your next event, function or workplace. Tea tastings are a great way to highlight the nuances, aromas and flavours of tea around the world. All of our tea tastings are interactive and allow for all participants to ask questions as they sip and evaluate each tea. Moreover, tea tastings serve as an excellent icebreaker, group activity or appreciation event for your event or workplace.

All tea tastings are specially curated to the theme/story of your event and include all materials, tea and compostable serve ware. 

Let's talk tea

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