Are you looking for a loose leaf tea blend that tells your story, celebrates your special event or reflects your brand? Plan de Vida will work with you to curate a unique loose leaf tea blend or simply choose from a catalogue of delicious tasting teas specially curated for you. We offer several packaging options that include kraft resealable bags, vacuum sealed pouches, food grade tea tins and travel tea tins. Opt to add on compostable tea filters or spoons to enhance the tea drinking experience. Custom labelling is also available for this service. All blends are created by a certified Tea Sommelier with the Tea and Herbal Association of Canada. 

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Our Tea

Tea by Plan de Vida includes only high quality loose leaf tea sourced from around the world. All of our tea leaves are orthodox, meaning they underwent a slower manufacturing process that preserves their natural flavours and aromas. When brewing loose leaf tea, you can infuse the tea leaves multiple times. This means your tea lasts a lot longer than your standard box of tea bags.  

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Custom Packaging

Our packaging only includes options that are reusable or recyclable. Tea comes from the earth, and we like to do our part to give back. By using loose leaf tea, we eliminate the need for bags, staples, strings and unnecessary plastic film. Repurpose our packaging to hold more tea, spices or tea accessories. All giftware can be reused or recycled, and we will ensure never to include more packaging than needed. 

Why tea?

Tea is a healthy beverage that can be enjoyed by individuals of all ages. Tea accommodates a variety of dietary preferences and restrictions and can be prepared hot or iced to suit everyones preferences. For these reasons, tea is a true crowd pleaser. 

Why give tea as a gift or favour at my event?

Tea solves a few questions like; what to give those who have everything? Do my guests really need another item that collects dust or that is destined for the catch all kitchen drawer? 

Our tea packages are resealable and have a long shelf life. Each time your guest brews a cup of your custom blend, they’ll be reminded of how you made them feel at your occasion. Continue the story of your event by reminding your guests of the highly curated tea blend you gave to them. 

Why should I offer a premium tea service for my business? 

A high quality tea service can help contribute to the exceptional level of service you offer within your own business. You should take every opportunity to delight your guests, and tea helps achieve this. 

By offering loose leaf tea to your customers, clients, and guests you’re letting them know you go above and beyond to cater to their needs. A signature tea blend can help tell your story with each cup brewed. 

A highly curated tea experience allows your business to create a signature beverage that caters to your guests of all ages regardless of dietary preferences or requirements. Tea is a healthy and hydrating beverage that can be served hot, iced, or mixed with other beverages. By creating a curated blend for your business, you set yourself apart from your competitors and helps elevate your customer satisfaction levels. 

We help tell your story through tea

Contact us to discuss your curated tea blend order or if you think our products would be good in your swag bag or next event.