Are you looking for a custom tea blend?

Is this you?

  • You’re all about the experience – it’s above and beyond or NOTHING
  • You want to leave a good impression
  • You want to be remembered…for the right reasons
  • You’ve spent hours searching for the perfect favours to give out…only for half of them to be left behind

You need a custom tea blend.


One that communicates your unique brand or celebrates your special event.


Numerous studies show scents and flavours can trigger strong memories. 


It’s been dubbed as the ‘fragrant flashback’. 


Tea can remind your guests of your brand or event…even months later.


Plus we really feel good when someones gone the extra mile for us.


So ditch the boring freebies or predictable favours already.

What you should know:

Blended by a Tea Sommelier

You're in good hands.

Custom labels and packaging

Your logo or event colours will be front and centre.

Try before you buy

Don't like it? Don't buy it. You'll get free samples for a risk free guaran-tea.

You're in good company:

custom blends for [inn]space
custom mini teas for mother's day
custom blend for event attendees
custom blend for wedding favours
the perfect pairing. tea and biscotti for Mother's Day

The nitty gritty:

  • wholesale available
  • low order minimums
  • quick turnarounds
  • virtual meetings to nail the perfect blend together
  • ships across Canada
  • try before you buy 

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