Frequently Asked Questions

What is TaaS?

TaaS stands for ‘Tea as a Service’. It’s where tea intersects with hospitality. We go above and beyond your typical tea transaction by curating unique experiences with tea.

I see two different options for your TaaS. What do they mean?

Drop off means we will set up your tea service and return later pick up our tea equipment. Whereas full service includes a staffed tea service, where we take care of pouring the drinks and operating all of the hot water dispensers. 


Are you environmentally friendly?

Yes! We do not offer disposable items such as stir sticks, straws, sugar packets or napkins. We use compostable alternatives for our cups and napkins. We use spoons and jars in order to minimize waste. All reusable utensils are cleaned and sterilized between uses. We avoid using plastic and single use items to minimize waste. All of our grazing tables and full service tea bars come with complimentary compost and recycle bins. 

What is ‘Table and Tea Styling’?

This is included in our full service tea packages and grazing tables. Table and Tea Styling will help take your event to the next level and ensure your tea service/grazing table photographs well for official event photos and your social media feed. We will style the tea service area to fit the theme of your event. Table and Tea Styling includes a customized menu board, fresh flower arrangements and plants, and more!

Can I pre-order and pay ahead for any of your services as a gift?

Yes! We offer local delivery and can deliver to the address you provide. Please ensure your gift recipient is available at our pre-arranged delivery window. 

Can you accommodate allergies/vegan/vegetarian/keto/dairy free/gluten free and other dietary preferences/requirements?

Yes we can accommodate and make a customized tea blend, grazing table or platter box to accommodate you and your guests. However please note we cannot guarantee any of our products are allergen free (including but not exclusive to peanuts, nuts, soy, dairy, mustard seeds, gluten, etc) as they are prepared and stored using shared equipment in a non-allergen free environment.

Where do you offer free delivery? Will you travel outside of Kingston?

We offer free local delivery within the Kingston, Ontario city limits. We are available to provide our services outside of Kingston by travelling, however travel fees will apply. We do offer shipping across Canada for all of our tea and teaware.

What does ‘Plan de Vida’ mean?

Plan de Vida is a Nicoyan (Costa Rica) term that translates to ‘reason why I wake up in the morning’. Essentially, it defines your personal sense of purpose. What drives you each and every day to get out of bed? For us – tea and curating unique experiences is our purpose. We also feel like every one of us needs a good cup of tea to get out of bed each morning. For this reason, the literal and subjective translation of Plan de Vida resonated with us.