Guided Tea Tastings & Workshops

Tea Tasting Experience

Includes all teas, filtered hot water, cups and tasting sheets.

Please contact us to customize your tea tasting or if you have any questions.


Our workshops are the perfect option for food & beverage businesses or events. Upgrade your tea knowledge as we take you through our workshop content. This is ideal for businesses that serve tea and want to educate their staff on how to sell and serve tea efficiently. This is also a perfect idea for anyone interested in providing an educational tea experience to enhance your private or corporate event.  Some of the workshop topics include ‘Tea 101’, tea producing regions/countries, how to brew the perfect cup of tea and how to serve tea in a restaurant/café setting. All workshops are interactive and ensure all attendee questions are answered.

Please contact us to add an enhanced tea tasting to your workshop or to collaborate on creating a customized workshop to fit your needs.

Contact us about your tea tasting or workshop request and we will get back to you within 24 hours.