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Our rose bud and petals are delicately delivered all the way from the rose gardens of Italy. Boost the floral notes of your tea by adding a teaspoon of roses to your blend or dust your tea latte. Feel free to lightly grind the rose petals into a fine grain to dust on top of frothed milk. When infusing rose buds and petals on their own, we recommend drinking alone without milk or sugar.

Caffeine level: 0/0

We recommend: Adding a teaspoon to Darjeeling or Cream Earl Grey, or dusting on top of any tea latte

Pairs with: Darjeeling, Cream Earl Grey, Sencha, Morning Routine

Delicately packed into a stainless steal food grade container

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Dimensions 2 × 2 × 2 in

10 G


Stainless Steel, Food Grade, Reusable


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