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Earl Grey Hot Chocolate

Earl grey is the #1 tea in Canada. Hot Chocolate is the #1 drink of choice during our long winters, so why not combine both to make a hot chocolate out of this world? 

This dairy free hot chocolate has light citrus notes from our bergamot infused earl grey blend. Top yours with steamed coconut milk for an ultra creamy tropical hot chocolate experience. 

Ingredients: Earl Grey Matcha (black tea leaves, cornflower petals, oil of bergamot), Superior Red Cocoa Powder, Organic Cane Sugar, Organic Coconut Milk Powder, Salt



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Brewing Instructions: Use 1 tablespoon per 250 ml of water. We recommend adding a small amount of water to your hot chocolate mix, whisking into a paste and topping off with water or steamed milk of your choice. Stir well

Caffeine level: medium

Each 100g makes 10-12 servings