What can you do with your packaging?

Tea Leaves

Compost your loose leaf tea. Using a tea filter? You can compost those too.

5 Ways To Reuse Your Packaging


Repurpose Your Glass Jars

You made it to the end of your hot chocolate and life is feeling less chocolate-y. Remove the recyclable label and wash thoroughly. Use for snacks, spices, and salad dressing. Or to hold toothpicks, accessories or anything that fits!


Empty tea bags = snack bags

Staring into an empty bag of tea? Don't throw away the bag! Use this food grade packaging to store dry goods or snacks. Move over Ziploc.


Give your cardboard box another Chance

Received your order by mail? Don't toss away the box! Reuse the box for your household chores (this is your sign to declutter) or flatten away for the next time you need to move.


Regifting is good for the soul

Tissue paper? Kraft paper? Fold up and put away for that last minute mad dash to scrounge up gift wrap. See - you knew you had something somewhere.


order inserts

Use the back of your receipt for your grocery or daily to do list. Need a bookmark? Use your thank you card. You can also use your thank you card as a reminder to reorder.