Custom Tea Favours

Thank your guests with one of our custom tea favours. Perfect for weddings, bridal showers, corporate events, swag bag items and culinary experiences. Choose from our list of single estate origin teas or blends, or consult with us to create the perfect blend for your event. Minimum order of 10 tea favours. 

Follow these steps to create your custom tea favours: 

  1. Identify how many tea favours you will need
  2. Choose one of the packaging options below OR work with us to create custom packaging:

(1) Kraft Dome Tea Favour (holds up to 25g of tea)

(2) Flamingo Thank You Tea Favour (holds up to 100g of tea)

(3) Kraft Cylinder Tea Favour (holds up to 75g of tea) with optional Chinese inscription (translates to custom tea blend)

(4) Tea Cup Succulents 

3. Identify the quantity of tea you would like for your favour. We recommend 2-4g per cup depending on the selection of tea.

  1. 10g-25g
  2. 50g-75g
  3. 100g

4. Choose from our selection of tea for your favour below or contact us to customize the perfect blend for your event

List of Loose Leaf Blends

English Breakfast Blend

Earl Grey Blend

Lightly Oxidized Oolong, Province of Taiwan, China

Long Oxidized Oolong, Province of Taiwan, China

Keemun (Black tea, China)

Pu’erh (Yunnan province, China)

Gyokuro (Green tea, Japan)

Pai Mu Tan (White tea, China)

Silver Needle* (White tea, China)

1st Flush Darjeeling* (Black tea)

Matcha* (Green tea, Japan)

*premium teas will incur additional costs

Custom Loose Leaf Blend

All of our custom tea blends come with a complimentary pre-event consultation and tea tasting

Step One

Choose your base

Herbal Tisane (Chamomile, peppermint, rooibos, etc)






Step Two

Choose a supporting herb



Dried Blueberries


Dried Ginger Pieces

& many more – we work with your preferences!

We require 2 weeks notice and a 50% deposit in order to secure your tea favour order

Starts at $2.00/favour for 10g tea favours

Save 10% off your entire order by including our logo + contact information on your favour

Price Quote Depends on:

  • Number of tea favours required
  • Packaging requirements
  • Custom label (optional add on)
  • Quantity of tea (10g-100g)
  • Selection of tea